IBM FlashSystem 5200
Reach new levels of cost efficiency, performance, density and high availability for any workload.
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Starting at less than USD 30,000, IBM FlashSystem® 5200 offers the affordability, performance, data protection, scalability and management simplicity for your enterprise needs, in one compact powerful flash storage solution. This solution provides a wide range of enterprise-grade features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize that can easily evolve and extend as businesses grow.

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Features High performance redundancy

12 NVMe high-availability flash devices in a 1U storage enclosure drawer with fully redundant canister components prevent a single point of failure.

Scalable for environment of any size

Smart, self-optimizing solution is easily managed, enabling organizations to overcome storage challenges as they grow.

Affordable, high-value solution

High-density tiers of flash storage in an affordable package includes compression, new QLC flash-based technology and AI-powered predictive analytics.

Agile integration

Migrate data with fully integrated system management, application-aware data services and high-value features such as AES encryption and inline hardware compression.

Multicloud enabled

Migrate to and from supported cloud providers or create multicloud solutions.

Top Rated for 2022

IBM FlashSystem wins on TrustRadius

IBM FlashSystem has won a Top Rated award from TrustRadius for Enterprise Flash Array Storage Solutions based on its excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

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Maximum bandwidth (reads): 21 GB per second
Response times (reads): <50 microseconds
Effective maximum capacity within single enclosure**: 1.2 PBe (1U enclosure)
Processor/PCIe Gen: Intel Sky Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
Maximum front-end host ports: 8
FlashCore module capacities supported: 4.8, 9.6, 19.2 and 38.4 TB
Storage class memory drive capacities supported: 1.6 TB

Use cases:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Server and desktop virtualization
  • Production database
  • Containers
  • Workload consolidation
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Trident Services, Inc. Trident increased storage capacity by 50% and decreased data backup time from 6 hours to 30 minutes with IBM FlashSystem 5200, improving response times and developer productivity. Read the case study

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