What it can do for your business

Weather Data APIs within the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite tap into the breadth and depth of weather data to provide current and forecasted conditions, seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts, lifestyle indices, severe weather and historical weather data for analysis. The packages are curated to give you only what you need in the format you need it, and you can use them quickly and easily by accessing weather data APIs through the cloud. By applying advanced analytics to the combination of business data and weather data such as alerts and notifications, forecast data and weather imagery, you can build the foundation for informed enterprise decision-making.

World map with symbols for different weather events

Benefits of Weather Data APIs

Optimize operations

Tap into historical, current and forecasted weather conditions to better mitigate weather-related disruptions to your operations and bring efficiency into your business processes while reducing costs.

Increase revenue and profit

Forecast business growth in the face of changing weather conditions by anticipating customer demands, connecting sales to forecasted outcomes, and driving improved organizational performance.

Improve safety

Stay one step ahead of adverse weather conditions, seasons and other weather patterns with near real-time weather data that allows you to protect your assets and crew while mitigating business risks.

Key highlights

Actionable, dependable and accurate weather forecasts

Get details about enhanced forecast data packages (PDF, 747 KB)

Delivers accurate forecasts at 500-square-meter resolution globally. Forecasts are updated every 15 minutes, providing the granularity needed to step through the forecast hour-by-hour out to 15 days.

Includes one of the highest-resolution weather observation networks that is available in the field. The network is based on more than 250,000 personal weather stations in addition to traditional sources.

Historical weather data to anticipate future impacts

Provides businesses with historical weather observations featuring a unique 35 km worldwide grid. Historical weather data helps organizations better understand how weather has impacted critical business processes in the past, allowing them to anticipate the influence that similar weather events may have in the future.

Smarter seasonal and long-range business decisions

Get details about seasonal forecast data packages (PDF, 103 KB)

Provides a comprehensive view of the anticipated temperature and precipitation patterns for 3-weeks to 5-weeks, 1-month to 4-months, and 5-months to 7-months.

Near real-time severe weather predictions

Get details about severe weather data packages (PDF, 426 KB)

Forecasts near real-time and trailing estimates of severe weather data, such as near-term hail and lightning predictions, power disruption index, 15-day tropical forecasts and storm reports.

Lifestyle indices to better serve customers

Get details about lifestyle indices data packages (PDF, 525 KB)

Helps organizations use weather event data, along with health-related indices such as air quality, pollen, flu outbreak, aches and pains, and other lifestyle indices, to better serve their customers.

Weather Data APIs in action

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