Weather fronts and lightning shown on world map in IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite software

Reduce disruption with the Environmental Intelligence Suite

Weather impacts every business, every day. Minimizing the disruption that it can cause requires more than just gathering weather data — you must employ advanced analytics and intelligent workflows to reimagine processes and better predict how weather will impact your assets, employees and customers. Fair or foul, when weather strikes, the Environmental Intelligence Suite is a suite of applications that provides insight so you can plan for and respond to changing conditions to ensure business continuity.

Benefits of the Environmental Intelligence Suite

Streamlined user experience

Enable greater application accessibility across users with mobile capabilities, intuitive dashboards, maps, charts, alerting and access to weather, earth observations, geo-spatial data and GPS.

Scalable SaaS

Support users across your organizations with industry-specific add-ons and easily scale with pricing based on specific application consumption requirements.

A growing catalog of data

Free up data scientists and developers from the cumbersome process of conventional data preparation by providing search-friendly access to diverse and continually updated geospatial-temporal data.

How the Environmental Intelligence Suite works

Flexibility through app points

Take advantage of usage-based licensing. The base entitlement listed in the below chart offers a wide range of weather functionality with an impressive number of API calls.

Base componentd Monthly base usage volumes (minimum)
Dashboard visualization and alerting

100 dashboard locations

1,000 alert assets

20,000 alert emails

Geospatial analytics

10,000 query units

1.5 TB raster storage

250 GB vector storage

Standard weather data APIs 1 million API calls
Premium weather data APIs NA
Development APIs 1,000 API calls per day for non-production use


As you grow, the app point model makes it easy to adjust consumption or choose the right add-on applications and premium weather data APIs that work best for your business needs and IT strategy.