Automate manual documents like fax, pdf and email to EDI

According to a 2019 IDC survey, “more than 33% of organizations still use manual forms and fax for their business transactions.” Translating them to EDI manually is costly, time consuming and error prone.

IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services converts non-structured documents like fax, email, and pdf into an EDI or other structured format, offering an electronic alternative to these types of inefficient manual transactions.

Greenworks Tools saves 160 hours weekly automating orders from customers with Document Conversion Services. Watch the video below to learn how.

Benefits of IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services

Automate manual transactions

Eliminate the effort of re-keying and manually processing mail, fax and telephone orders, thus reducing errors and saving up to 160 hours a week.

Cut costs & improve process efficiencies

Integrate business rules determined by your needs to improve process efficiencies and cut operational costs through an automated translation of fax, email and other manual documents into EDI.

Gain enhanced visibility

Streamline your order flow with improved visibility and responsiveness.

Key features of IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services

  • Advanced OCR to read images
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Customized exception handling
  • ICR technology to recognize handwriting