Access Db2 for z/OS data without accessing Db2 for z/OS

If you manage off-platform access to IBM® Db2 for IBM z/OS® data, IBM Db2 Data Gate can help you reduce the cost and complexity of your data delivery. You get a simple, easy-to-deploy way to deliver read-only access to Db2 for z/OS data.

Instead of building and maintaining costly custom code, let IBM Db2 Data Gate do the work. Db2 for z/OS Data Gate simplifies delivery of Db2 for z/OS data within IBM Cloud Pak for Data.


Simple, reliable and less expensive

Superior performance and less expensive than many customized approaches. No need to develop and maintain custom-built solutions.

Access to current Db2 for z/OS data

Integrated synchronization protocol maintains data currency from Db2 for z/OS to optimized targets on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.

Integrated approach to digital transformation

No need to be concerned about potential cost or workload implications on your operational systems.

Use cases

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    Digital transformation and analytics


    Organizations need access to all of the data they manage, including IBM z Systems® data. They need to support modernization and analytics demands without impacting the cost and workload performance of operational systems.


    Db2 Data Gate is designed to be a foundational component to your digital transformation. Modern engagement and analytics applications can share a common infrastructure with mission-critical transactional Db2 for z/OS applications — without custom integration. Take advantage of the valuable data that originates on IBM Z for information-driven projects that run on non-IBM Z platforms.

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    New engagement applications


    A surge of new digital applications is driving exponential growth in data access. New seasonal applications with unpredictable usage patterns often use read-only queries of up-to-date data. They are often difficult to plan for and size appropriately.


    Db2 Data Gate can provide a simple, easy-to-deploy solution for these new applications. Data is synchronized between Db2 for z/OS data sources and target databases on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Additional data sources can enrich data originating in Db2 for z/OS.

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