Diagram of Aspera data delivery involving a cloud data center, on-premises location, and three users


IBM® Aspera® enables you to deliver and distribute data of any size at maximum speed around the world.

Experience the ultimate in speed and flexibility

Move your data at high speed

With Aspera’s patented transfer protocol, Aspera transfer solutions are distance-independent, allowing data to be moved and stored anywhere, with high-speed delivery when and where you need it.

Get high-quality, any-bit-rate streaming

In addition to transferring files, Aspera’s streaming technology enables error-free transport of any bit rate video with near zero latency over any distance on unmanaged internet.

Keep your data transfers secure

Protect data with secure user access controls, AES data encryption in transit and, optionally, at rest, and data integrity verification to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks.

BlueBee cuts data transfer times by 75%

Netherlands-based BlueBee manages genomics data processes and storage for European and North American clinical and research organizations. Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology in the genomics industry have introduced a new set of challenges — quickly performing data analysis and storing genomic data in approved regions.  

To accelerate customer data transfer, BlueBee integrated Aspera software into its solution to reduce data transfer times by 75%, helping deliver results more quickly and cost-effectively. “Together the solutions significantly accelerate the turnaround time for data processing while at the same time solving the data throughput issue,” says BlueBee CTO Kurt Florus.

Read the full BlueBee case study (PDF, 85.4 KB) →

Image of a researcher to illustrate how BlueBee used Aspera to reduce data transfer times

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