Feature spotlights

Automated and dynamic cloud bursting

Based on policy and workloads demand, additional resources are automatically added and removed from your cluster with support for a hybrid mix of on-premises and cloud hosts.

Single-pane management and monitoring

Simplify administration across a scale-out, distributed infrastructure.

Multi-tenant, integrated application platform

Utilize the incorporated Spark distribution to support multi-tenancy for Spark and other frameworks, augmented by technologies for granular and dynamic resource allocation.

Spark lifecycle management

Support simultaneous deployment of different versions of Spark.

Multi-dimensional scaling

Use independent scaling of compute and storage infrastructure, along with flexible allocation of resources according to application requirements for compute resources and memory.

Spark integration

Utilize the integrated Spark distribution.

Technical details

Software requirements

To configure IBM Spectrum Conductor, the following software requirements must be met:

    Hardware requirements

    To configure IBM Spectrum Conductor, the following Hardware requirements must be met: