Feature spotlights

Enterprise security

EDB Postgres delivers security on par with other leading database management systems through ANSI SQL GRANT and REVOKE; external authentication support for LDAP, PAM, and Kerberos; granular object permissions; operational auditing; virtual private database; protection against SQL injection attacks and passwords policies.

Advanced performance for mission-critical workloads

EDB Postgres introduces several features to improve and diagnose performance. In addition to open source PostgreSQL partitioning, advanced partitioning capabilities enable smarter, faster partition pruning. Resource Manager allows DBAs to ensure business-critical transactions have resource priority over other workloads. Dynamic Runtime Instrumentation Tools Architecture (DRITA) analyzes low-level system and session wait events to identify bottlenecks, improving database and query performance.

Database compatibility to minimize migration efforts

EDB Postgres natively understands and processes existing PL/SQL programs and data without any translation layers and without long, costly consulting engagements. EDB's compatibility means your expectations for performance are preserved, your intellectual capital is protected and your staff can continue using their existing skill set, while still embracing technology.

DBA and developer features

In addition to the performance and security enhancements, EDB Postgres also boosts DBA productivity by providing tools and functionality such as EDB*Loader and extended catalog views. Twenty-one function packages with over 250 functions, bulk collect/bind, user-defined object types, nested tables and many other capabilities reduce programming effort and provide faster processing to support developers.