IBM OMEGAMON for Storage on z/OS details

Monitor and manage real-time and historical storage data

Monitor and manage flash, disk, tape and VTS devices (IBM and non-IBM) as well as key software subsystems including DFSMShsm/ DFSMSdss, DFSMSrmm, ICKDSF, IDCAMS, CA1. DFSMS constructs like ACS routines are available, as are Channels (FICON), control units, CACHE and frame rate pacing.

Integrated problem-solving workspaces

Use problem-solving workspaces to help you manage space-based storage groups, data set groups and custom-defined groups with views of both logical and physical volumes. DFSMShsm workspaces cover active HSM queues, control datasets, and other features. The newly expanded and enhanced 3270 user interface makes it easier to quickly get to key information. Links to related workspaces and other tools help “drill down” and “drill sideways” to identify and solve problems quickly.

Applications view

Optimize storage performance for key applications. You can monitor end-to-end z/OS application storage (I/O) performance for critical applications, enabling you to automatically respond to issues before they impact performance.

Manage by exception

Choose flexible, custom-tailored reports for your specific needs. You can define situations with precise logic statements and use intelligent alerts to focus on “real” problems without generating numerous threshold alerts, which waste evaluation time and may not signal real issues or represent potential concerns.

New Realtime Dataset Metrics Viewer

New in the latest release of OMEGAMON for Storage, the Realtime Dataset Metrics Viewer gives storage administrators near-real-time views of key dataset metrics needed to quickly diagnose issues and respond in minutes instead of hours. The new web browser-based Viewer can present information in the most effective and efficient way for the tasks being performed. Powered by new Zowe technology, this feature can significantly reduce the time it takes to solve problems and prevent critical outages.

Automate problem responses

In addition to alerting, you can easily pre-program actions for situations. With the OMEGAMON Storage Toolkit, you can batch the creation of any JCL allowing you to launch even complex pre-planned responses from your intelligent alerts. OMEGAMON for Storage allows you to capture and apply expert knowledge, reducing demands on experts.

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