Feature spotlights

Proactive + Predictive

Identifies issues and prevents risks even before they occur with early notification of potential critical situations, deployment planning, progress management and more.

Full Lifecycle

Achieves the highest customer satisfaction in all stages of the Hadoop journey. Provides coverage on day one – from onboarding and planning to development, deployment and migration.

Leading Experts

Provides around the clock access to worldwide technical experts and support professionals that are ready to solve your toughest big data problems.

Fast relief to high impact problems

Problems with significant business impact require an immediate solution. This includes when business critical software is inoperable or has failed. IBM will work with you around the clock, 24/7, to resolve critical and severe problems.

Rapid response to your requests

Provide responsive and highly available enterprise support operations for IBM Open Platform management systems. Support is available from 8am-5pm local time for all support requests, and 24/7 for business critical problems. The IBM Hadoop Community forum is also monitored by our experts, who are actively engaged and provide answers quickly.

Timely problem resolution

IBM’s support team is dedicated to your success and will help you solve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

High quality fixes and information

Customers are given access to worldwide technical experts and support professions, as well as diagnostic tools, fixes, forums, self-help, Redbooks, security alerts, and technical documents.

Up-to-date service and installation information

Learn about known critical fixes and updates, as well as new or changed content, before a problem surfaces.