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Server Pack for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Provides data integration capabilities for your JD Edwards application. Speeds integration by using standard ODBC calls to extract and load data. Allows you to extract business views, which consist of pre-joined database tables that are constructed with user-defined metadata.

Server Pack for Oracle Applications

Provides data extraction and loading from and into Oracle E-Business Suite. Offers either direct access to Oracle base tables and database views, or hierarchy access where data with associated business relationships is captured in an extract. Allows easy browsing of interface tables, business views and base tables.

Server Pack for PeopleSoft Enterprise

Enables you to extract large data sets from PeopleSoft application tables and trees. Helps you build a business intelligence infrastructure to support analysis and business decisions. A metadata browser enables searches by table name and description or by business view from the PeopleSoft Enterprise Panel Navigator.

Server Pack for

Enables reusable data integration between and other enterprise data stores. Increases visibility into lines of business by extracting, loading, cleansing and synchronizing front office data hosted in applications with other business data stored in back office ERP applications, data warehouses and analytic applications.

Server Pack for SAP R/3

Extracts data from and loads data into SAP R/3 and mySAP Business Suite application modules. Enables you to generate native SAP advanced business application programming (ABAP) code without the need for manual coding. You can also capture incremental changes and produce event-triggered updates with SAP's Intermediate Documents (IDoc) functionality.

Server Pack for SAP BW

Enables you to load data into SAP Business Warehouse from data warehouses, flat files, mainframes and customer systems as well as other enterprise applications. You can also extract information from SAP BW for use in other data marts, data warehouses, reporting applications and targets.

Server Pack for Siebel

Enables you to extract and load data into and from Siebel applications to provide CRM information throughout the enterprise. Includes interfaces to Siebel's EIM and business component layers, which allow you to work in familiar business views without having to understand the underlying base tables. Includes an interface that makes it easy to select, identify and extract data from Siebel hierarchies.

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