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Each FlexPoint costs $1.00 USD/month and the minimum purchase necessary to begin a subscription is 250 FlexPoints. See the details in our Licensing Guide.

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We keep track of your usage for each of the bundled products on an hourly basis and deduct that usage from your monthly FlexPoint entitlement. Your usage depends on the number of virtual processor cores, instances, memory, and storage you deploy. See the details in our Licensing Guide.

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Even if you exceed your monthly FlexPoint entitlement, IBM will not cut off or throttle the performance of your deployments. We will simply charge a 10% uplift on your excess usage at the end of the month. You are free to add more FlexPoints at any time to avoid overage charges.

No. IBM will only charge you for what you use. We track your usage down to the hour and will only deduct FlexPoints for the duration which an instance was deployed.

The bundled software products are priced per virtual processor core. The bundled cloud services are priced per base instance, virtual processor core, gigabyte of memory, and gigabyte of storage. Please see our licensing guide for the FlexPoint prices per metric.

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