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Supports Basel II including the banking book, standardized framework and advanced framework requirements of the US Basel II rules. Supports Basel III including the Federal Financial Institutions examination Council (FFIEC) 101 and 102 reports.


Provides support for Sarbanes-Oxley Act, XBRL taxonomy for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS – April 2009), National Institute of Finance Act of 2010 and IAS, U.S. GAAP (release 2009).


Supports the European Banking Authority (EBA) Data Point Model (DPM), which is the consolidation of European reporting requirements that include the Common Reporting (COREP) and Financial Reporting (FINREP) templates.

Dodd Frank

Helps you improve channel definition to include various modern banking channels with support for web/mobile analytics and post-click marketing. Supports single view of customer, product and channel profitability, maximization of wallet share, customer loyalty and retention, marketing campaign management visibility and more.


Includes support for card data management in areas such as card fees, card loyalty, individual credit assessment and payment card fraud analysis.


Covers other areas such as KYC, MiFID, program and algorithmic trading, investment arrangement analysis, corporate actions, custody fund accounting, treasury and enterprise risk management visibility.

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