Optimize Customer Experiences in Self-service Banking

In today's multi-cloud and heterogeneous IT environments, continuous change is the new norm when supporting long-term business direction and requirements. An integrated support strategy that enables you to streamline support for all of your hardware and software for your data center and across the four walls of your enterprise can help you reduce complexity, decrease costs and ensure high availability. IBM Technology Support Services helps clients achieve:

  • 25% reduction in maintenance and support spending
  • 20% reduction in time spent on hardware support-related tasks
  • 22% reduction in mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

Predictive Maintenance

Advanced analytics and ATM device operations data from IBM Multivendor ATM agent software to identify potential concerns and schedule proactive support services before customer service is disrupted.

Reduced Cost

End-to-end accountability reduces cost by 15% - 30% using standardization, automation and consolidated management for multivendor ATM and branch monitoring and maintenance.

Augmented Remote Assist

Enables higher first-time fix rate and ensures critical problems receive the highest level of support.

ATM and Branch Best Practices

Global insights and experience from maintaining 155K ATMs (80K in managed service environments), of >11 vendors, 5.5 million end users and mobility devices for 1,400+ financial institutions.

eSSAF Multivendor ATM Management

IBM Multivendor ATM software suite extended from IBM eSSAF Multivendor ATM Application for integration of OEM ATM hardware and drivers for financial institutions since year 2000.

Vendor Agnostic Integration

Ability to integrate across vendors with eSSAF, supporting software for monitoring device and transaction, managing and deploying ATM, plug-in apps for legacy ATM, web and omni-channel access.