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Creating business agility with IBM Power


IBM i is one of three operating systems that run on IBM Power®. At its core, the IBM i platform is designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of both business and computing. Its defining characteristic, the “integration” represented by the “i” in IBM i, can help you gain more value from advanced technology with fewer resources and higher reliability.


Flexible licensing and support options

Run software licensing and support in 1-to-5 year terms with an IBM i subscription. Keep technology current, lower TCA, and increase flexibility with OpEx consumption.

Modernize application development

IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration is a set of tools that run in Red Hat® OpenShift® containers to guide and assist software developers in the modernization of IBM i applications.

Add value to business apps

IBM i 7.5 simplifies security and availability with Db2 for i integration, new options and tools, so you can focus on adding value to business applications instead of infrastructure availability.

Client success

Financial services software company FNZ accelerated their testing processes 15x with IBM i in the cloud on Power Virtual Server.

Get more power with Power10

Meet the next generation of IBM Power servers engineered for agility.

Key IBM i features


  • Ensures mission-critical applications remain up and running
  • Near zero downtime
  • Get work done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


  • Enhanced security features implement latest industry standard practices
  • Protect critical business applications and data
  • New auditing capability at the Object level

Open source

  • Industry standard open-source environments
  • Port more applications to IBM i
  • Easily integrate with IoT, AI and Watson

Featured products

IBM® Navigator for i

  • Modern web-based interface for managing one or more IBM i instances 
  • Monitor IBM i instances from a web browser anywhere
  • Re-created in a new framework and user interface

IBM® Db2® Mirror for i

  • Enables continuous availability for business-critical applications
  • Synchronously mirrors database updates between two separate nodes
  • Provides a recovery time objective (RTO) of zero

IBM® Rational® Developer for i

  • An integrated IDE built on the Eclipse platform
  • Create, maintain and modernize applications on IBM i
  • Enable developers to work from anywhere using tools that reside on the desktop

Read what the innovators are saying

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Get the latest news and innovations in IBM i and learn more about the strategy and planning related to the operating system and its associated products and solutions.

Db2 Web Query for i

Get illuminating information and guidance on all aspects of the Db2 Web Query product set and the use of Db2 for i for analytics, straight from Doug Mack, leader of the Analytics team within the Db2 for i Lab Services group.

iSee Video Blog

See Scott Forstie and Tim Rowe, IBM i Development Architects, explain and demonstrate favorite IBM i tools and technologies, emphasizing IBM i Services, IBM i Access Client Solutions, and Db2 for i.

Earn an IBM i community badge

The IBM i community badge program recognizes individuals who contribute regularly to the success and vitality of the IBM i community. Find out how your own skills and knowledge can earn you a badge.

User groups

Stay aligned with industry trends and connect with your IBM i peers to share user experiences, best practices and more.

Join the Large User Group (LUG) of over one hundred large companies for up-to-date technology information and work directly with the IBM i development team.

Engage with the European IBM Power Systems™ community while learning more about the latest architecture and new solutions.

Get support to maximize your open-source investment

With world-class support for open-source software on IBM i, you can keep your developers focused on what they do best: writing great code. With a holistic approach, your team can get support for the solution stack at any stage of software development, whether in the sandbox or in production.