Understands the structure of business documents

With Smart Document Understanding (SDU) you can visually label the text within your enterprise documents (from headers and footers, to tables, and so on). This allows Watson Discovery to fully understand the structure of your documents. As a result, Watson Discovery will provide you with more accurate information and precise passages.

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Pages of a document

Delivers passages as answers

Unlike traditional enterprise search engines, which display a list of links to documents, Watson Discovery is enterprise search that combs through your content and pinpoints the passage that you are looking for. When you ask a question, you receive a few passages and the source documents that host them to ensure that all of the information you need is easily accessible.

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A question in a search bar and data retrieved

Increases answer relevancy over time

Control which answers are displayed given a specific query. Watson Discovery allows you to provide this feedback in two ways. You can manually train Watson Discovery by providing feedback on possible results inside the tooling, or by enabling a real-time and continuous learning system powered by the feedback your users provide on the results displayed.

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A question in a search bar and pages retrieved

Personalize your experience

Interacts in natural language

You can communicate with Watson Discovery in multiple human dialects, including English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

Learns your domain space

Every discipline, enterprise, and industry has a specific lingo. Watson Discovery allows you to incorporate custom NLP models built with Watson Knowledge Studio to dictate the enrichment.

Enriches your content

The ability to make natural language queries on top of out-of-the-box NLP enrichments, such as entity extraction and sentiment analysis, provides an advantage over typical keyword search engines.

Finds patterns and trends with text analytics

Understand context, relationships, and patterns inside your data. In real-time, Content Mining allows you to search across your documents and explore text analytics results, relationships, and how different elements of your content change over time. For example, car manufacturers can monitor customer review trends on items such as brake systems of a specific car model. Watson Discovery understands the feedback, and connects it to a specific time and event – such as a big snowfall in February. Available only on Watson Discovery for Cloud Pak for Data.

Abstract of data analysis

Detects and understands contracts, invoices, and purchase orders

Content Intelligence is an optional component of Watson Discovery that enables out-of-the-box understanding of contracts, invoices, and purchase orders. These documents contain concepts, clauses, and entities that are unique to their domains. Content Intelligence can help your employees with cross-industry contract governance, and also assist enterprises prepare for the LIBOR transition. Available only on Watson Discovery for Cloud Pak for Data.

Abstract of data analysis

Narrows enterprise search results with categories

Your documents can fall into one or more categories depending on their content. Watson Discovery enables you to assign several labels to a single document with Multi-Label-Classifier. This provides you with more control over your enterprise search results. You can filter your document collections by category, allowing you to narrow the scope of results. For example, an article about learning how to invest can be tagged as both a ‘finance’ and ‘education’ document, making it easier to find. Available only on Watson Discovery for Cloud Pak for Data.

Categories in a data search

Tools to get you started faster

Automatically creates a custom dictionary from your content

Use a dictionary crafted from your data. Improve the understanding of your domain without deploying an externally built custom model. Available only on Watson Discovery for Cloud Pak for Data.

Customizes your solution with recommendations

Watson Discovery provides recommendations within the UI to improve results based on your specific interactions with the solution. Available only on Watson Discovery for Cloud Pak for Data.

Helps you develop faster with end user interface components

Get started fast. Accelerate application creation with our UI components that can easily embed into your application. Available only on Watson Discovery for Cloud Pak for Data.


Anyone can teach Watson

Intuitive tooling empowers your subject-matter experts to teach Watson the language of your industry without deep technical or coding skills required.

Connects to your data sources

Connect to a data source and Watson Discovery ingests structured and unstructured data, including private, licensed, or public data.

Deploy AI anywhere

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you can deploy AI on any cloud – IBM, Amazon, Google, or Microsoft. Or for complete control and isolation

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