Learn how Watson Assistant guides customers using best-in-class AI within your existing channels and systems.

Across any channel

Provide your customers with fast, accurate information


Give your website an instant upgrade with a custom chat interface that can be deployed in minutes.


Reduces call wait times up to 90% over your existing telephony and IVR with a virtual assistant.

Messaging Platform

Responds to your customers on popular messaging apps like Facebook, Slack and Intercom 24/7.

Easy-to-use platform

Manage the assistant lifecycle

Simplified tooling with no code required

Start easily with a dialog builder and content library.

Conversation analytics

Spot trends and emerging issues as they happen.


Learn from customer choices to improve the journey.

Built with best-in-class AI

Create great customer experiences

Clarify intent with disambiguation

Reduces frustration by asking customers for context.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Start smart from day 1 with pre-trained models.

Hands off to live agent

Pass the customer to a human in the same channel.

Connects to your business

Get more from your assistant with Integrations

Search skill with Watson Discovery

Find up-to-date answers in existing content.

Connects to the information and agents customers need

Pull information from applications, sites or systems.

SIP and IVR integration

Resolve customer calls without waiting for an agent.

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