Back up your data on IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM Cloud® Object Storage provides durable, secure and cost-effective cloud storage for a variety of backup needs. Protect the data in your data center by backing it up to IBM Cloud Object Storage to replace tape, streamline backup operations, and simplify archival processes. Most major backup software vendors integrate directly with IBM Cloud Object Storage and offer turnkey data backup solutions. For data in the cloud, leverage the cloud-native capabilities and the low cost of IBM Cloud Object Storage for an automated, application-consistent backup and recovery solution. IBM Cloud Object Storage can scale as required for today’s ever-increasing backup demands and grow cost-effectively to meet new business requirements across the enterprise.

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Common use cases

Tape replacement

Replace costly and inefficient tape backups, on-premises tape libraries, and offsite physical archiving.

Database backup

Use backup software in conjunction with IBM Cloud Object Storage to automatically back up on-premises databases to the cloud or back up IBM Cloud databases to low-cost object storage.

Disaster recovery

Use IBM Cloud Object Storage as part of your plan to meet recovery objectives for critical IT systems without incurring costly capital and operational infrastructure expenses.

How customers use it

Customer success: Acrometis

Acrometis uses IBM Cloud Object Storage to store 50 TB of historical data for long-term retention in a secure and cost-effective way.

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Backup and restore capabilities

Resilient and available

IBM Cloud Object Storage disperses data across multiple nodes and physical locations to ensure durability and availability of your data. IBM Cloud Object Storage geo-dispersed capabilities are ideal for backup and data protection as data is always accessible, even in the case of a disaster or multiple failures. Choose the Regional service to store data across multiple data center facilities within a single geographic region, or the Cross-Region service to store data across multiple regions for highest data availability and resiliency.

Cost efficient

IBM Cloud Object Storage offers multiple storage classes to help you optimize backup cost and data recovery objectives with pay-as-you-go pricing and no upfront capital investments. Storage tiers are available for active (Standard), cool (Vault), cold (Cold Vault), and unknown or changing (Smart Tier) data, and archive policies can be applied with all tier classes to automatically move objects to long term, lower-cost, off-line storage, priced at USD 0.002 GB per month (US Region example).


Ideal for long-term storage of backup data, IBM Cloud Object Storage is designed for data durability of 99.999999999%. Data-integrity mechanisms are built in to constantly check and validate object state and apply self-repair capabilities — all done automatically with no customer intervention.

Fast data recovery

With fast and simple data access through a single API, IBM Cloud Object Storage offers fast data recovery to help ensure business continuity. You can access backup data much faster than with tape storage solutions to help meet regulatory, legal or business needs.


For maximum data protection, IBM Cloud Object Storage offers default server-side encryption. Encryption keys are automatically managed by default; optionally, customers can manage their own keys or use IBM Key Protect to help provision encrypted keys for applications across IBM Cloud.

Scale on demand

IBM Cloud Object Storage seamlessly scales to meet your needs, making it easier to cost-effectively manage and meet data protection requirements across your enterprise.

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