Work safe, work smart: A conversation with industry leaders

A safer way to return to the workplace

Watson Works is a set of products which provides essential insights to support critical decisions on Workplace Re-entry, Facilities Management, Workplace Safety, Contact Tracing and Care Management, and Customer and Employee Care. These combined capabilities and data flows provide the insights your clients need to help keep people safe, confident, and more secure. 

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Return to the workplace

Designed to assist businesses in re-opening the workplace, with a focus on employee health.

Facilities Management

Help clients understand occupancy, organize spaces to align to social distancing guidelines, easily identify location of key amenities like hand sanitizer stations, and ensure facility readiness by adhering to new protocols and processes. 

Workplace safety

Gain near real-time insights of worksites and employees. Use these insights to conduct body temperature monitoring, manage occupancy and no-go zones, and facilitate employee social distancing and event tracing — while ensuring employee privacy.

Facilitate contact tracing

Helps organizations speak with affected employees using guided interviews to determine possible exposures, assess their needs as they isolate to protect colleagues and the community, and build care plans that connect at-risk employees to employer-sponsored medical benefits and social services.

Support employees and customers

IBM’s Watson Assistant is a conversational AI platform and is trained to understand and respond to common COVID-19 questions directly leveraging U.S. CDC guidance and can be easily integrated into existing web or phone channels. 

Who can sell Watson Works solutions?

To sell IBM Watson Works solutions, you need to be a member of IBM PartnerWorld, a global marketing and enablement program designed to support IBM Business Partners. 

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IBM PartnerWorld has identified high-value capabilities that are essential for driving clients into the digital era. By mastering the right competencies, you can offer clients unmatched value that generates business growth and revenue. 

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