Unique benefits of Micromedex for Vizient Pharmacy Network Members:

  • Access to a comprehensive suite of offerings: drug and disease evidence, medication supply chain and patient education
  • Consultative product selection, remote and on-site education, and implementation services from Network Directors and IBM experts
  • Simplified buying process with special pricing
  • Ongoing support with a 5-year term, fixed-price contract

Product Education

Listen to on-demand product replays  and learn more about the solutions now available to your organization.                                                                            Please share the replay with your team members who may be interested.

Pharmacy Products Overview

Learn about all the products available to eligible members.

DynaMed® and Micromedex® with Watson™

Explore the opportunities of combining DynaMed’s top-performing “Best in KLAS 2021” point-of-care disease information with the drug insights of IBM Micromedex.


Learn about solutions that help you proactively manage drug shortages and efficiently identify effective alternatives.

CareNotes with SaveNotes

Learn about timesaving use cases that leverage AI conversational search and consider the benefits of customizing your patient education content.

On-Contract Solutions

Learn more about the Micromedex suite of solutions available to eligible members:

IBM® Micromedex® with Watson™

IBM Micromedex with Watson combines evidence-based drug content with advanced AI search capabilities to deliver rapid, reliable answers at the point-of-care. Improve care experiences and efficiency with insights into drug selection, dosing, toxicology and IV compatibility – accessible from your EHR, computer or mobile device.

DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson

DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson allows you to deploy disease and drug information from a single supplier across your healthcare network. Explore disease information across 28 clinical specialties through clinical use cases, and better understand the potential of incorporating critical appraisal guidelines into your workflow and practice.


OrbitalRX helps gain efficiency with medication sourcing through software automation by deploying new and unique medication supply chain tools. Explore ways to capture new insights with inventory tracking, enable care team collaboration in a unified and actionable platform, analyze inventory management and comparative efficacy in a complimentary workflow to manage drug shortages more effectively.

CareNotes with SaveNotes

CareNotes with SaveNotes can help you deploy a comprehensive patient education solution that is highly customizable to adhere to your facility guidelines and promote your healthcare brand. Gain instant access to over 11,000 documents covering 2,700 medication topics and 485 lab tests offered in 15 languages. 

Events and Resources

Thought Leadership

At IBM Watson Health we are bringing data, technology and expertise together to transform health. Take a look and see what our industry leaders are saying about the latest industry news.


Review these common questions and answers

How do I get started?

Contact your Vizient Network Director or IBM Representative, review the product overview videos linked above. These include a product overview and detailed sessions for DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson, Orbital RX, and CareNotes with SaveNotes.

How do I purchase Micromedex?

It's simple - verify your membership with Vizient Pharmacy Networks and contact your Vizient Network Director or IBM Representative.

Who can help me get a quote?

You have many purchase options. First, contact your Vizient Network Director or IBM Representative to determine which products are right for you, and then simply request a quote based on your organization's needs.

How can I schedule a personalized demo?

Contact your Vizient Network Director or IBM Representative.

I am already a MDX client, what should I do?

Contact your Vizient Network Director or IBM Representative to review your options for in-term changes to the Vizient contracted options.

Who can help?

Julius Fortuna National Director Strategic Accounts, IDNs and GPOs, julius.fortuna@ibm.com 

Bryan Bohanan Senior Manager, Micromedex Offerings, bbohanan@us.ibm.com