Unique benefits of Phytel® for Premier® network members

  • Premier® contracted supplier for automated patient engagement and population health management
  • Improve clinical, operational, and financial results for better patient outcomes and improved performance in risk and quality based programs
  • Pre-negotiated pricing and terms
Premier Contracted Supplier

On-Contract Solutions

IBM® Phytel's suite of solutions is designed to work with any EHR - enabling patients, providers, and their care teams to help improve outcomes.

IBM® Phytel® Outreach

Delivers automated, evidence-based patient communications – helping providers efficiently identify and engage priority populations, drive annual wellness visits, and close gaps in care.

IBM® Phytel® Coordinate

Enables providers to automate the care management process by providing an advanced tool kit to risk stratify patients and create personalized interventions to better manage chronic conditions and optimize each patient encounter. 

Aggregates near real-time clinical data providing a quality lens to deliver metrics and dashboard reporting across various quality initiatives.

IBM® Phytel® Remind

Proactively and efficiently automates the time-consuming process of manually contacting patients about their upcoming appointments. Fully automated emails, texts, or phone calls strengthens profitability, frees up valuable staff time, and contributes to better health outcomes.

Client Success Stories

Utica Park Clinic

 Learn how integrating IBM® Phytel® solutions into an EHR helped reduce no-show rates, boost annual visits, and attract new patients.

Loudoun Medical Group

 Learn how IBM® Phytel® was used to help get diabetic patients the right care at the right time, lowering cost and increasing revenue.

Events and Resources

Thought Leadership

At IBM Watson Health we are bringing data, technology and expertise together to transform health. Take a look and see what our industry leaders are saying about the latest industry news.


Review these common questions and answers

How do I get started?

Contact your Premier Regional Director or IBM Representative, review the product overviews linked above, and refer to Supply Chain Advisor for more information.

How do I purchase IBM Phytel®?

It's simple - verify your membership with Premier and contact your Premier Regional Director or IBM Representative.

Who can help me get a quote?

You have many purchase options. First, contact your Premier Regional Director or IBM Representative to determine which products are right for you, and then simply request a quote based on your organization's needs.

How can I schedule a personalized demo?

Contact your Premier Regional Director or IBM Representative.

I am already an IBM Phytel® client, what should I do?

Contact your Premier Regional Director or IBM Representative to review your options for in-term changes to the Premier contracted options.

Who can help?

Jim Devlin

Phytel Brand Executive