Payer: Health Plans and Employers

In a study evaluating healthcare spending and use patterns by wage level, employees in the lowest-wage group had half the usage of preventive care.

Government Health and Human Services

Using mental health and criminal justice system data, a model predicted the level of re-arrests with 67% accuracy.


Watson Health brings the power of AI to imaging so physicians can have greater confidence in diagnostic and treatment decisions for their patients.


Gain transparency into financial, operational, clinical quality and patient satisfaction performance in a single interactive dashboard.

Oncology and Genomics

Watson for Oncology

A tumor board changed their decision due to Watson for Oncology in 13.6% of the cases.

Watson for Genomics

Identified additional actionable mutations in 32% of the cases that were not found by multidisciplinary tumor board.

Watson for Clinical Trial Matching

Enrollment to Mayo's systemic therapy clinical trials for breast cancer increased on average by 84%.