Solutions to help improve clinical, operational and financial performance, and enhance patient care

 IBM offers solutions to optimize performance and deliver insights at the point of care. Now available for Business Partners, is IBM Micromedex®, adding artificial intelligence (AI) to one of the largest online reference databases for drug information, toxicology, diseases, acute care and alternative medicine. 


Our focus for healthcare organizations

Optimize performance

Providing healthcare organizations insights that can help drive improved clinical, operational, and financial performance.

Insights at the point of care

Helping clinicians and healthcare organizations by providing relied upon evidence and patient education at the point of care, and by automating patient engagement to close care gaps and promote better health

Clinical knowledge with the power of Watson

For more than 40 years, healthcare professionals around the world have relied on the evidence-based content of Micromedex® to help support clinical decisions critical to the safety of their patients. Now,  incorporates AI-powered Watson Assistant into its medication management content to transform how you find answers and help you accelerate your decisions

Identify opportunities to save money, identify efficiencies and improve performance

Potential benefits:

  • Helps reduce medication errors and help you improve patient care
  • Evidence ratings and recommendations help save clinicians time
  • Off-label use decisions supported by comprehensive, cited evidence
  • Supports patient safety initiatives and Joint Commission International compliance

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IBM Micromedex

Evidence-based clinical decision support, with the added power of artificial intelligence

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More of our Health Provider solutions are being prepared for Business Partners. Contact us if there is a specific solution that interests you.

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