Health plan and employer solutions

In a rapidly changing marketplace, healthcare payers need to find efficient, innovative ways to advance care and improve the consumer experience. With our unique combination of predictive analytics, data-driven insights, and member experience tools, we can help. 

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Deliver swift and action-driving insights to your business users

The Flexible Analytics Platform from Watson Health™ can provide an integrated, analytic foundation between your data warehouse and front-end business intelligence systems. The objective? To help health plans address critical information needs and generate action driving insights by supporting reduced complexity and faster access to data for analysis. 

Data reflecting real-world treatment patterns and the full cost of care

Track millions of patients throughout the healthcare system

MarketScan® Commercial Database provides in-depth, cross-sectional and longitudinal views of healthcare practices and costs for the American working population and their dependents. Linking data at the patient level can enrich the insights derived from claims-based research. 

Integrated treatment and plan design reflecting the complexity of healthcare delivery

MarketScan® Medicare Supplemental Database includes both Medicare-covered and employer-paid portions of the healthcare encounter. Detailed cost, utilization and other information from inpatient and outpatient settings allows tracking of employees and dependents moving through their Medicare years.

Custom benchmark measures by industry, geographic location and/or medical procedures

 MarketScan® Multi-State Medicaid Database pools claims from millions of Medicaid enrollees from a number of geographically dispersed states. It includes a long-term care claims file that captures nursing home stays, home health care and long-term care services.

Help deliver an informed conversation regarding benefits coverage, out-of-pocket costs and more

Watson Assistant for Health Benefits can generate answers based on member questions using natural language processing to determine their true intent, and then translate that information into coded inquiries. The solution is designed to understand the logic of health plan eligibility rules and incorporate them into the conversation, enabling improved interaction with each member.

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IBM Flexible Analytics

Introducing robust, off-the-shelf analytics that can help you meet your business goals, optimize your existing IT investments and accelerate time to value.

IBM MarketScan Research Databases

Perform the accurate benchmarking so critical to your success–powered by annual data from more than 30 million commercially insured health plan members.

IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits

Drive accurate and personalized member interactions with a cost-effective engagement solution that understands health plan benefits logic, powered by AI.

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