Watson Health Imaging is a leading provider of innovative artificial intelligence, enterprise imaging and interoperability solutions. Its Merge branded imaging solutions have been used by providers for over 25 years to facilitate the management, sharing and storing of billions of patient medical images.

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Aggregating image access and exchange, with rich collaboration

Better imaging experience by empowering physicians and patients to access images anywhere, anytime

iConnect® Access is a zero-footprint universal viewer that allows for real-time image sharing and exchange, helping to complete the longitudinal patient record. 

Access a patient’s complete medical history when it matters most

iConnect Enterprise Archive lets users store, manage, and share all enterprise - wide images from disparate storage systems, specialties, service sites – regardless of source or format – for a image management solution.

Help physicians gain greater confidence in diagnostic and treatment decisions for their patients

IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis is a radiologist - trained AI solution that extracts relevant patient information from the EHR and projects it via a single - view summary into PACS ... in seconds. 

  • Deep insights from unstructured EHR data such as clinical reports and referring notes
  • Seamless integration within the radiologist workflow
  • Cost - effective SaaS solution

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iConnect® Solutions

These interoperable solutions provide advanced capabilities designed to help healthcare organizations seamlessly ingest, manage, store, view, share and exchange imaging related healthcare data.

IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis

A radiologist-trained AI solution that provides a single screen summary of clinically relevant patient data in seconds. It searches both unstructured and structured data in the EHR, including clinical reports and notes arming radiologists with critical context while reading a study.

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