Imaging AI applications from our partners can support clinical decision-making

In partnership with a growing ecosystem of AI developers, IBM Watson Health offers clinically-relevant  AI applications to Imaging organizations.  (New!) The IBM Imaging AI Orchestrator is designed to simplify deployment and scale. The IBM Imaging AI Marketplace streamlines procurement, offering applications vetted for security and privacy. Learn more and work with us!

More about IBM Imaging AI Marketplace

Simplify your AI procurement. Identifying, procuring, contracting and deploying is straightforward with the AI Marketplace. Increase your confidence with regulatory-cleared AI applications that are vetted to meet IBM's strict data privacy and security standards. 

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More about the newly-launched IBM Imaging AI Orchestrator

Using AI does not have to mean more work for clinicians and IT teams. Now, AI deployment and adoption  is simpler with IBM's innovative platform approach. Improve the AI journey with more choice and control with IBM Imaging AI Orchestrator. 

Read on to learn about regulatory-cleared applications from partners including,, and Riverain Technologies and more to come.

AI orchestration for medical imaging: the pros and cons of a platform approach

Industry analysts report on the rapid growth of imaging AI and the implications for clinicians, IT leaders and AI developers. Net: ecosystems are critical for success. Hear from the CEO of Regional Medical Imaging who  talks about the potential and realities of AI adoption in his organization, joined by Watson Health Imaging leader with practical ideas for addressing some of the challenges.

Compatible with IBM Imaging AI Orchestrator (under development)

About the innovators is pioneering new diagnostic medicine and innovations in the treatment and prevention of diseases. By providing artificial intelligence to radiology departments, is helping to augment the expertise of radiologists to report with greater clinical accuracy, faster and more safely, improving radiology reporting at a lower price than outsourced reporting.

red dot® algorithm

The red dot® algorithm from is based on deep learning models to analyze and highlight abnormalities in chest x-ray images with speed and accuracy. The regulatory cleared product is for the triage of Pneumothorax on chest x-ray images in 120s receipt.

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging

Innovation to streamline cardiovascular imaging

About the innovators

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging develops world class, advanced reading and reporting solutions for cardiac imaging. Circle CVI’s imaging platform, cvi42®, is a best-in-class CVI reading and reporting solution for cardiac MR, cardiac CT, cardiac Interventional Planning and electrophysiology, giving physicians the tools to accurately quantify and diagnose complex cardiovascular diseases.


Circle CVI embeds Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its product line - cvi42 - providing streamlined clinical workflows while decreasing reading and reporting times for cardiac imagers. Circle CVI’s AI algorithms were created and trained on over 1,000 human studies and the AI-generated contours have been proven to match the accuracy of experienced cardiac readers and decrease user variability.

Leverage Circle CVI's commitment to professional education about AI

Symphony Academy ™–Medical Education hosted by Circle CVI–provides the clinical community with an educational platform to share information that empowers and creates the conditions to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. Through live, interactive and on-demand webinars, viewers can learn from world-renowned, global cardiac imaging experts.

Objective brain segmentation and volumetrics to aid physicians in the evaluation of neurodegenerative diseases.   |   Compatible with IBM Imaging AI Orchestrator.

About the innovators aims to revolutionize disease screening and early detection with brain imaging analysis software that quantifies and tracks neurodegenerative diseases and assists in the detection of clinically significant cancer. It provides clinicians and researchers with a means to quantify brain structures to help assess neurological conditions. 


For brain image analysis, NeuroQuant is used for volumetric MRI processing to provide measurements of brain structures and to compare the volumes to normative reference data adjusted for age, sex, and intracranial volume. I can be used for detection of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, FLAIR lesions, age-related atrophy, dementia and more.

DiA Imaging Analysis

Advancing cardiology care with AI-powered ultrasound analysis

About the innovators

DiA is the leading provider of AI-based ultrasound software solutions. LVivo Seamless Toolbox automatically pre-selects and analyzes cardiac ultrasound images, quickly and easily, on every echo exam and any PACS viewer.

About LVivo Seamless – Cardiac Ultrasound AI-based system

LVivo Seamless runs on medical facilities' on-premise servers and/or cloud, to automatically pre-select and instantly analyze the optimal cardiac ultrasound views in a fast, accurate and objective way – helping to increase the number of echo procedures and strain reimbursement. (CPT code +93356).

See LVivo Seamless in action

Watch this short narrated demo to see LVivo Seamless in action including:

  • Automated views selection
  • Automated analysis of clinical indications such as Strain, Ejection Fraction and Right Ventricle size and function

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Riverain Technologies

Compatible with IBM Imaging AI Orchestrator (under development)

About the innovators

See clearly. Decide confidently.

Riverain Technologies is on a mission to save lives through the early detection, diagnosis, and management of lung disease. Powered by machine learning and advanced modeling, their clinically proven software tools are deployed in the clinic or the cloud and are powered by advanced AI methods in the medical imaging market.

ClearRead™ solutions

ClearRead applications enable radiologists to see clearly and decide confidently by streamlining repetitive tasks which have high interoperator variability, and are challenging when unaided. 

Both ClearRead CT And ClearRead Xray have been proven to decrease reading time and enhance nodule detection.

Any acquisition device. Any reading workflow.

Questions? Learn more here.


Modernizing lung care through intelligence

The lung intelligence solution

VIDA modernizes lung and respiratory care, empowering healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes, streamline care coordination and drive efficiencies through a comprehensive approach to lung care. Through AI powered quantitative data and impactful visualizations, VIDA helps physicians manage patients with or at risk of COPD, ILD, lung cancer, and now COVID-19.

Vida Insights: the lung intelligence solution

VIDA Insights is a comprehensive lung intelligence solution, empowering providers with AI-powered quantitative data and impactful visualizations. VIDA’s biomarkers measure lung destruction, inflammation, function and much more to aid the detection, diagnosis, treatment and tracking of major lung diseases, including COPD, emphysema, asthma, ILD, lung cancer, COVID-19, and others.

Helping address treatment challenges of COVID-19

COVID-19 care challenges for lungs include: predicting progression and mortality, understanding co-morbidity to get a complete patient picture and understanding complications and long-lasting effects.