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Learn how Watson Health is democratizing access to artificial intelligence technology to help governments and public agencies work smarter, achieve improved outcomes, and make better decisions about how to use limited resources.


Transform HHS and social services to improve human

Watson Health partners with federal, state and local HHS and social services agencies around the world to help them apply analytics to better understand their communities, enhance and deploy critical programs, and provide integrated health and social care.

Our focus for Health and Human Services

Powering social program modernization

Government agencies are focused on users and outcomes, effective and innovative reuse of high value data and processes, and adoption of new cloud and AI technology. Developed for government, the flexible, modular IBM Social Program Management platform combines domain-specific business processes, data models and rules to help agencies transform eligibility-based and care and protection programs

Optimizing and automating whole person care

IBM Watson® Care Manager helps organizations unlock and integrate the full breadth of information from multiple systems and care providers, automate care management workflows, and scale to meet the demands of growing populations under management. It can individualize care plans and recommend the optimal combination of structured programs, best practices and personalized insights.

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IBM Social Program Management

IBM® Social Program Management (SPM) helps health and human services agencies deploy programs rapidly and aid caseworkers with AI-powered insights to help manage citizens’ needs. Deliver smarter health and human services and help improve lives, with a proven, industry leading platform, designed for the unique needs of social program management.

IBM Watson Care Manager

IBM Watson® Care Manager provides care teams a platform for supporting the holistic needs of vulnerable and high-risk individuals. Bridge the gap between health and social needs, collaborate across departments and jurisdictions, and automate care management workflows to support ongoing care through a rapidly deployable, HIPAA-enabled, and cloud-based SaaS solution.

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