Why become a Watson Health Business Partner, and how will you benefit?

Watson Health business partners - health solutions providers, services providers, software vendors, and innovators – get access to technology, expertise, support and resources backed by the power of IBM.

Joining the Watson Health ecosystem will help you:

  • Increase demand and expand your reach
  • Address your clients’ unmet needs
  • Grow your business
  • Improve profitability
  • Enable your clients to contribute to health transformation through data, AI and cognitive computing

Partner enablement – empowering you to succeed

Watson Health provides training and resources for successful marketing, sales, implementation and support.

Marketing enablement

  • Equip your marketers and agencies with marketing expertise and deep knowledge of data and AI innovations as well as health industries.
  • Amplify your market awareness from your association with IBM and Watson Health brands.
  • In addition to potential co-marketing opportunities, we are committed to your go to market success with a range of support packages that can help your brand awareness, demand gen.

Sales enablement

  • Equip your sales and technical sales staff with training on solution design, demo creation and delivery, sales presentations, quoting and ordering processes.
  • Additional support is always available for additional trainings, customized materials, competitive research.

Implementation and support

  • Knowledgeable Watson Health consultants and technical professionals provide solution implementation services, and train your staff how to manage the offerings effectively.
  • We ensure your teams are fully equipped to implement and support the offerings as required, so that your clients will realize the value.

Partnership model - embedded solution agreement

Embedded solutions are the combination of IBM offerings and your technology:

  • It is your branded solution being sold to your clients
  • You will provide client support for your solution
  • The solution will contain your IP, which adds significant value to the IBM technology and results in a commercially available solution
  • You must agree to meet the complete ESA program requirements e.g. reporting etc.


Embedded Solution Agreement

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*IBM Watson Health offers additional marketing support through packages available to all partners.