Get started with events to meet prospects and progress opportunities

Explore a variety of different card types to depict your content in a consumable way when scanning content is desirable


Build on-demand webinars into marketing programs. Take advantage of current webinars to send to clients and prospects, and ask to participate in an Illumination Webinar focusing on a customer story and our joint solutions. Contact your IBM Business Partner or Partner Ecosystem Marketing Representative regarding interest and availability.

Events in a box

Ask about pre-designed materials to kick-start events-in-a-box marketing efforts to generate demand. The materials often include an email template, collateral, social tiles, a presentation, a banner ad and more. Some materials are available for product segments; others are for specific events. Contact your Partner or Ecosystem Marketing Leader about availability.

IBM events

Keep tuned in to events in your target region by accessing IBM GO, following the latest blog post and obtaining the latest updates on Think 2019.