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What's new in Watson

Watson AIOps

Watson AIOps reveals new insights faster and offers them in a concise, engaging way to improve IT team productivity and their ability to respond.

Watson AIOps uses explainable AI to help CIOs and IT Ops teams detect and diagnose complex issues by connecting the dots between structured and unstructured data in real time to give users a holistic understanding of IT incidents.

COVID-19 — IBM offers Watson Assistant for Citizens

IBM is offering Watson Assistant for Citizens for no charge for at least 90 days and will assist with initial set up, which can typically be done in a few days. The solution is available in English and Spanish and can be tailored to 13 languages.

Event-in-a-Box — Build a Business Use Case Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI for Customer Service products

Watson Assistant

More than a Chatbot! Watson Assistant helps you build conversational interfaces into any of your clients’ devices, applications or channels.

Watson Discovery

Unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends and surface patterns with the world’s most advanced cloud-native insight engine.

Watson APIs

Infuse powerful AI capabilities into your enterprise apps and build with Watson’s full suite of language, speech, vision, and empathy APIs.

Migrating from Watson Explorer to Watson Discovery on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Watson Explorer has come together with Watson Discovery in a new offering called Watson Discovery Cloud Pak for Data

Who can sell Watson solutions? 

To sell Watson solutions, you must be a member of IBM PartnerWorld, a global marketing and enablement program designed to support IBM Business Partners. You must also become an IBM Channel Sales Value Rewards (CVR) authorized Business Partner to sell these solutions.

Get skilled on Watson

IBM PartnerWorld has identified high-value capabilities that are essential for driving clients into the digital era. By mastering the right competencies, you can offer clients unmatched value that generates business growth and revenue. Also be sure to review the enablement roadmaps for technical and sales skills.