Benefits of the Validation Program for z/OS

This Validation Program for z/OS provides an ISV with 60-days of remote access at no charge to a z/OS system hosted at the IBM Z Dallas ISV Center in Dallas, Texas. This is a world-wide program offering. If your country cannot participate via the online sign up process, then an IBM staff member will be in touch with you upon receipt of your application to process it via alternative means.

Additional benefits of the Validation Program for z/OS

A generally available standard z/OS remote development virtual server that includes products like DB2, Websphere Application Server (WAS), CICS and Websphere MQ. Additional software, or differing levels of software (either Operating System or middleware) that is different from the specific listed software is out of the scope of this program.

The Validation Program for z/OS is intended for an experienced ISV to validate their product against new versions and releases of IBM software. As such, the Program only includes limited technical assistance through email. Additional assistance may be available for a consulting fee. For more information concerning consulting, email the z/OS Support team at the IBM Z Dallas ISV Center.

Note: There are a limited number of engagements available for this offering. Each program application will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Remote access systems will be provided based on the resources available in the hosting environment at the time of the request.

Program prerequisites

ISV must:

  • Be a member of PartnerWorld and entitled to IBM Z benefits.
  • Be developing a new application or upgrading an existing application to a newer version or release of z/OS and/or IBM middleware like CICS, DB2, WAS, IMS (see standard configuration linked below).
  • Have prior experience with z/OS and middleware running on z/OS. The "Program" only includes limited technical assistance through email.

Program requirements

  • The ISV agrees to register the new or updated application in the Global Solutions Directory or update the GSD with the latest information about the product.
  • The ISV is eligible to utilize the no-charge Validation Program for z/OS one time per calendar year per PartnerWorld worldwide enterprise ID.

Program highlights

  • A robust environment of standard z/OS based software .
  • Remote access via the Internet to the latest IBM hardware and software technologies.
  • Lower development costs and faster time to market.
  • Complete control of the z/OS system hosted by IBM
  • z/VM Virtualization software.
  • Ongoing maintenance keeps z/OS and the associated product portfolio current and viable.

Program parameters

  • Priority will be given on a first come/first served basis.
  • Limited technical support through email.
  • Self-service program is of great value to experienced ISVs. (If you lack the experience necessary to achieve results with a self-service program, please explore the other options offered by the IBM Z Dallas ISV Center that may help you.)

Apply for a no-charge z/OS validation system