Contribute and Scale with IBM Z

IBM Z recognizes and rewards the engagement and collaboration of the Open Source Community. The program offers tiered designations with incremental and progressive benefits. Partners are assessed for participation on tier criteria for new requests and system upgrades. 

Explore Program Tiers      Systems of 45 MSUs or less

Benefits will be determined at time of purchase and effective for the life of the system (lease or purchase) assuming the Open Source Project Partner continues to meet program requirements and tier criteria.  Open Source Project Partners will  have the opportunity to increase benefits if they are able to meet the next tier's criteria. 


  • IBM Z System installed Capacity (MSUs) includes any loaned capacity
  • Installed capacity of the aggregated MSUs if more than one system - cumulative MSUs
  • zPDT systems not subject to program tiers
  • Review our Acquisition & Merger Policy


Program Criteria


Program Tiers

  • The Advanced tier provides contributors with enhanced benefits for those that have consistently met elevated expectations and positively advance the IBM Z ecosystem.
  • The Ready tier provides contributors access to benefits to develop on IBM Z.

Actively Advance the Ecosystem and Open Source on IBM Z

•Participate in Open Source Projects, events and speaking opportunities promoting IBM Z

•Contribute to and influence the direction of Open Source on IBM Z

•Support and drive Open Source project work inside and outside of your organization

•Promotion and implementation of platform modernization


Strategic & Relationship Fitness:

•Portfolio complements IBM Z strategy

•Partner goals and objectives

•Demonstrate value of the IBM Z platform with the Open Source Community

•Complementary core competencies

•Cultural fit and trust

•Executive awareness, support and loyalty of the partnership

•Strengthen collaboration and resources for the Open Source community to thrive on IBM Z

Participation Requirements

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