IBM zSystems recognizes and rewards the engagement and collaboration of our partners. The program offers partners tiered designations with incremental and progressive benefits based on their investment in developing solutions using the IBM Z platform and advancing the ecosystem.

Levels of participation

The program provides 2 participation levels each with multiple tiers, based on installed capacity of the system(s). Partners are assessed for participation on tier criteria for new requests and system upgrades. 


“The IBM On-Premises Development Program has accelerated our partnership to new, more productive levels. The ability to work together has helped Capgemini to move faster and deliver even more value to the IBM Z Ecosystem.” - Ronnie Maffa Vice President – Head of Engineering, Americas and APAC, Capgemini Engineering

"...we have worked on several successful projects, from the first episode on z/Action! channel, to posting content on the value of IBM Z, to hosting multiple customers on IBM Z Day.  This relationship has brought tremendous value to us, and I can’t wait to explore a zillion other ideas we have to do more together in future!”  - Mac Gupta, Head of Global Partner Marketing, Rocket Software

“BMC and IBM have a long history of successful collaboration.  We had the pleasure of speaking on IBM Expert TV and hosting a session on Z Day.  We are very excited about  continuing our Z platform advocacy efforts together.” -  Ryan Smith, Marketing Manager, BMC

“Kudos to the IBM ISV Ecosystem team for working tirelessly with all the IBM Partners and HCL Software. It gives HCL Software a great opportunity to collaborate with the IBM Z team... This also has been a great access to the worldwide mainframe community and gives us the opportunity to showcase our product strength...” - Jennifer Bean, Global Director, Mainframe Portfolio,  HCL Software

Systems of 45 MSUs or less



Systems of more than 45 MSUs



LinuxONE/Dedicated Linux Server


Benefits will be determined at time of purchase and effective for 36-months assuming the ISV consistently meets the program requirements and tier criteria.  ISVs will have the opportunity annually to increase benefits if they are able to meet the next tier's criteria.


  • IBM Z System installed Capacity (MSUs) includes any loaned capacity
  • Installed capacity of the aggregated MSUs if more than one system - cumulative MSUs
  • zPDT systems not subject to program tiers
  • Review our Acquisition & Merger Policy

Participation Requirements

Information for joining the program


How the program works  


Program Criteria

Assessment definitions for Program Tiers 




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