IBM and Red Hat partnership

IBM and Red Hat together will unlock the true value of hybrid cloud for business. By combining the power and flexibility of Red Hat's open hybrid cloud technologies with the scale and depth of IBM's innovation and industry expertise, our clients now have the tools they need to accelerate their cloud journey.


Why IBM Z?

The world is in the midst of a transformation that is having a profound effect on all of us including your clients. As businesses adapt to capitalize on digital, trust is expected to be the currency that drives this new economy. Your clients' companies can be in a great position to succeed when they deploy IBM Z as the foundation of their business.

The world's businesses run on IBM Z

IBM z14

The IBM mainframe server, and the core of trusted digital experiences

IBM z13s

Unlock business potential with a highly affordable and highly secure mainframe in a small footprint

IBM z13

Compete in the digital era with a faster, more secure enterprise server—the IBM mainframe

Seller resources

IBM z14 systems were designed to be the infrastructure to trust in the digital economy. Use these valuable resources to help your clients meet the demands for new services and rich customer experiences while building a foundation for enhanced business partnerships.


Access these easy-to-navigate sales resources that can not only serve as key conversation starters for selling IBM Z Systems, but that also highlight the benefits of the new IBM z14, IBM z13s and IBM z13 systems as the foundation for an infrastructure to trust.

Gain a deep understanding of data

The more recent the data, the more business value it holds. And regardless of where it resides, your clients can have real-time access to up-to-the-minute transactional and operational data protected with pervasive encryption. Together with intelligent data monitoring, pervasive encryption defends their highly critical assets without compromising transactional throughput or response times.

Blockchain is here. Are your clients ready?

Blockchain is the future. As your customers adopt blockchain, they can rely on IBM Z for cryptography, security and reliability. And they can seamlessly integrate blockchain data with the transactional data already on their Z mainframe platform. Do your clients have the right platform? Is it fast? Is it secure?

Hybrid cloud is the fast path to value

Not all clouds are equal. Cloud deployments on IBM Z can offer 50 percent lower cloud infrastructure costs than alternatives. IBM Z offers your clients a rapid deployment model for fast time to revenue, a highly secure environment and an open software stack for a wide choice in applications. And it provides the infrastructure to support mission-critical cloud services workloads.

DevOps: Ongoing delivery of software innovation

Enterprises need to respond to digital disruption to be competitive. DevOps for IBM Z offers a framework for transforming software delivery through software planning, development, testing and operation across multiple platforms. Your clients can see how DevOps breaks down existing development silos, unifies infrastructure platforms and enables ongoing delivery to adapt to dynamic market shifts.

Analytics and machine learning tackle real-world problems

Everything in your clients' organization produces data. How can they transfer that data into reliable intelligence? Machine learning gives systems the ability to learn without specific programming, empowering your clients with tools that minimize human effort. The IBM Z platform offers solutions that use existing people, processes and infrastructure to help them further their digital journey.

Open source made better

Are your clients looking for an open source solution that has outstanding data security, high availability and superior performance? If so, they can gain from the unique capabilities and strengths of IBM Z. The costs savings and quality of service can be dramatic.

Are your clients prepared to handle cyberattacks?

Your customers rest easier knowing they are running on the world's most trusted platform. The IBM Z mainframe is a security powerhouse designed to protect their business even in the face of complexity, limited staff and cost challenges. IBM Z offers the pervasive encryption and security they need and for the trust they demand.

z14 mainframe

Announcing the new enterprise mainframe server and a foundation for trusted digital experiences

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS

Announcing new augmented intelligence software so you can gain high-quality predictive insight

Case studies 

California DMV

IBM, the California Department of Transportation (CDT) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) worked together to migrate the website to Linux on the IBM z Systems platform. The 3x-faster solution effortlessly handled the surge and now provides a completely stable service.

ABK Systeme GmbH

ABK Systeme deployed IBM Financial Transaction Manager on IBM z Systems running Linux, increasing performance and flexibility and also simplifying system architecture and consolidating workloads.

Banco Bradesco

By modernizing core systems on its tried-and-tested IBM z Systems platform, the bank is successfully supporting fast growth in online and mobile transactions, while preserving exceptional reliability.

s IT Solutions Austria

Today, s IT Solutions Austria relies on a single SWIFT message-handling solution, combining INTERCOPE’s BOX, IBM MQ and DB2 solutions, running on IBM z Systems. As a result, the company makes 65 percent cost savings, increases control and reduces risk, while supporting reliable financial services.