On 4 August 2020, IBM announces updates to the Storage for Z portfolio.

With the combination of IBM Storage solutions and IBM Z you can provide your customers one of the most reliable platforms for mission-critical hybrid-multicloud environments, offering a cloud-native experience with encryption everywhere, cyber resilience, always-on availability and flexible deployment.

A simple and comprehensive foundation for AI

IBM Storage provides infrastructure built for data and AI that delivers responsive leading-edge performance.  We have introduced the new IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS) 5000,  strengthened IBM Cloud Object Storage performance, and announced the deployment IBM Spectrum Discover into Red Hat OpenShift.

Build and market industry-leading storage solutions

IBM Storage solutions accelerate workloads, exploit multicloud, protect data from threats and more

IBM FlashSystem Family

IBM FlashSystem storage, built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, is the simple answer for your customers Hybrid Multicloud deployments.

Data protection

IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus raise the bar for protecting clients' data reliably and efficiently in cloud, virtual and physical environments.

Storage and data management

Show clients how they can manage complex storage infrastructure and quickly optimize their storage environment with the IBM Spectrum Control family.

IBM Storage for Red Hat OpenShift

As your clients scale containerized applications, IBM Storage delivers shared-storage operational efficiency, price-performance leadership and container data protection.

Data retention

IBM Spectrum Archive and IBM Tape systems provide clients reliable, long-term data retention and management as simply as if that data is stored on disk.

Cluster virtualization

Advanced cluster virtualization helps speed time to results and insights for clients while optimizing compute and data-intensive AI, big data analytics and HPC workloads.

IBM Storage for big data

Clients can unleash the value of data access, speed and efficiency with IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

IBM Storage for IBM Z

Enterprise Flash and Tape Storage systems designed to deliver extreme performance, uncompromising availability and deep integration with IBM Z to clients.

Get started

IBM Storage solutions provide the speed and performance of ready data access with the agility and efficiency of hybrid cloud and SDS. Learn how you can help your customers connect data across any architecture to deliver insights quickly and give them the edge to outthink and outperform the competition.