Overview of the Ready for IBM Storage program

The Ready for IBM Storage program facilitates joint solutions with Business Partners and ensures Solutions Partner offerings integrate with IBM technology, accelerating time to market and strengthening the value provided to clients. The program differentiates Solutions Partner offerings from the competition by validating the technology meets key IBM integration standards.

Development and integration assistance

During the Ready for IBM Storage validation process, partners will have access to development and integration assistance. After the offering has been validated, the partner will earn the right to a specially designed IBM Business Partner mark to promote the solution.

To learn more about current validated solutions, visit the Ready for IBM Storage Solutions Showcase.

Steps to achieve Ready for validation

Step 1: Join PartnerWorld at no cost

The first step is to become an IBM Business Partner and join PartnerWorld. It’s free, and PartnerWorld offers many benefits to help Business Partners develop and sell solutions.

Step 2: Create a GSD entry

In the IBM Global Solutions Directory (GSD), select “manage solutions” and start a new solution which allows you to create a GSD entry.

Step 3: Nominate and validate your solution

Once your GSD solution is approved, select nominate your solution under “manage solutions”. Select Ready for IBM Storage and complete the form. After submitting your nomination, you will receive an email indicating that your application is under review. Upon nomination, an IBM representative will contact you for more information and to determine a test plan.

Step 4: Sign the supplement and get the Ready for IBM Storage mark

The license supplement outlines the legal terms and conditions for use of the Ready for IBM Storage mark in your marketing materials.

How to leverage Ready for IBM Storage

The Ready for IBM Storage program is open to all Worldwide Business Partners who want to leverage IBM Storage to offer validated storage and software-defined solutions to clients around the world. These partnerships deliver proven value by streamlining solution design and deployment and reducing risk.

Ready for IBM Storage also creates business synergies where the strength of the partnership is greater than the sum of the individual partners’ capabilities. The Ready for IBM Storage program leverages the IBM Solutions Partner Ecosystem, offering validated storage and software-defined solutions.

Benefits for Solutions Partners

  • Ready for IBM Storage lets you expand solution scope
  • Collaborate on complete solutions that enhance market positioning through association with IBM Storage
  • Increase brand awareness with inclusion in the Business Partner Application Showcase that opens paths to new joint marketing opportunities
  • Accelerate new sales activities by leveraging a single program and point of contact to engage in opportunities across IBM’s Storage brands.
  • Differentiate solution value add through an IBM framework to validate the interoperability of partner technology.
  • Gain access to the Ready for IBM Storage logo mark for marketing and product packaging.

Benefits for Clients

The Ready for IBM Storage program expands the scope of solutions offered to our clients through partnerships with industry leaders.

  • Assurance that partner solutions meet IBM standards.
  • Co-designed and validated offerings to meet specialized customer use cases with industry leading solutions.
  • Simplified solution deployment validated by IBM.


“This simplifies everything. We continue to work with the solution providers we know and trust, now with even greater confidence because we know they are IBM-certified.”

Bill Reed, Chief Technology Officer, Arizona State Land Department

"Ready for IBM Storage will ensure that our customers are getting a solution that is co-accredited by IBM and our Business Partners after having passed rigorous technical validations. This endorsement will give customers the assurance they require when making business-critical purchasing decisions."

Shaluka Perera, Program Director – IBM Storage & SDI Solutions