Welcome to Power Development Platform (PDP), Cloud for AIX, IBM i and Linux

The Power Cloud that enables developers offers no-charge remote access to IBM hardware, including IBM POWER9, IBM POWER8 and IBM POWER7+ processor-based servers on the Linux, IBM AIX and IBM i operating systems.

PDP is intended for Development, Porting and Functional testing only. For any Performance and Scalability testing, users are requested to approach local Client Briefing Centers.


Power Development Platform-Software Access Catalog (PDP-SAC)

PDP offers free access for IBM Software via the PDP-SAC. The PDP-SAC provides an entry point to the full IBM Software Access Catalog (SAC), which contains current versions of hundreds of downloadable IBM Software installation images.

You can access the PDP-SAC from any PDP AIX or Linux system. Access and download are fast and simple to do.

IBM i middleware images

We do not currently support access to the PDP-SAC from a PDP IBM i system. You can reserve a PDP Linux or AIX system, download the IBM software from the PDP-SAC and then transfer the IBM software ISO image to your PDP IBM i system.

Non-IBM software or middleware

FTP, SCP, or network install

You can FTP or SCP your software or install images to your partition or you can do a network install with some operating systems. For information on FTP or SCP or network install please visit our FAQ's.

Other sources for IBM Software

You may access IBM Software from the 'IBM Software Access Catalog for ISVs' if you have purchased the Software Access Option.

Note: These other sources will require you to FTP or SCP the install images to your PDP partition or to do a network install.