Welcome to Power Development Platform (PDP), Cloud for AIX, IBM i and Linux

The Power Cloud that enables developers offers no-charge remote access to IBM hardware, including IBM POWER9, IBM POWER8 and IBM POWER7+ processor-based servers on the Linux, IBM AIX and IBM i operating systems.

PDP is intended for Development, Porting and Functional testing only. For any Performance and Scalability testing, users are requested to approach local Client Briefing Centers.

Featured solutions

Check out these featured solutions recommended by the PDP team. Use these as a reference for using the PDP systems.

Porting your application to Linux on Power

Learn about the process of porting applications from Intel x86 systems to Power systems.

IBM i 7.4 Upgrade Planning

Get information on planning an upgrade to the IBM i 7.4 Operating System

IBM Systems Worldwide Client Experience Centers Cloud

Free short term virtual access to IaaS  (IBM i, AIX and Linux) and PaaS (including IBM PAIV, IBM WML CE) solutions on Power Systems  for IBM Business Partners and ISVs

SiteOx offers low cost AIX and Linux VMs on POWER8

Need access to POWER 8 AIX or Linux virtual machine images that aren't offered in PDP?

SiteOx provides low cost access to AIX, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian and OpenSUSE.

Linux on Power Alternative Access Venues

This document describes the no-cost access as well as fee based and sponsored access to Linux on Power.

Apache Hadoop on PowerKVM

This paper provides detailed information on the setup and configuration of an Apache Hadoop cluster on scale out IBM Power servers, using OpenStack and Sahara.

Linux on Power Development Tools

IBM Systems technical support resources for Power products : Fixes & downloads, documentation, tools & communities


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