Welcome to IBM Technology Zone

 The IBM Technology Zone offers no-charge remote development access to IBM hardware, including IBM POWER9 and IBM POWER8 processor-based servers on the Linux, IBM AIX, IBM i operating systems

IBM Technology Zone is intended for Development, Porting and Functional testing only. For any Performance or Scalability testing, users are requested to contact IBM Garage

About IBM Technology Zone

Tech Zone offers a secure remote access infrastructure that enables Business Partners & ISVs with an environment to develop & test their applications on IBM hardware & middleware, in the same manner as if they had loaner machines in their own office.

Program features

  • No charge for IBM PartnerWorld members
  • Worldwide remote access
  • Save and access files from persistent storage to enable reuse across reservation and projects
  • Web and email request user support
  • IBM Technology Zone Wiki  and online User Guides for user self service support
  • Develop, test, certify, port and demonstrate your applications

Technologies supported

  • IBM Power Systems: IBM POWER9 and POWER8
  • Linux (RHEL, SUSE & Ubuntu), AIX and IBM i
  • Hypervisors supported: KVM, PowerVM, and Baremetal (with proper business case)
  • GPU access (with proper business case)
  • IBM System Z and IBM Storage remote access (with proper business case)


  • Reduced development and integration cost by providing free remote hardware access
  • Access to a broad range of hardware systems, including scale-up and enterprise servers.
  • Flexibility to work with multiple system configurations, operating systems and OS levels
  • Data security through use of VPN and AES encryption

Do you need IBM Technology Zone?

Appropriate tasks for  IBM Technology Zone systems

  • Application porting to IBM hardware using compilers, debuggers, build tools and/or middleware
  • Evaluate, demonstrate, certify or debug an application on a specific release of IBM hardware, operating system and/or middleware
  • Multi-tier application testing using two or more IBM Technology Zone virtual servers simultaneously

Tasks unsuited for IBM Technology Zone

  • Performance benchmarking requiring complete control of the environment under test
  • HACMP configuration testing
  • Production use, or use for which you receive a fee

Get help

Before you register for access

Still have questions about the program? You can use the following email or phone contact information to ask questions before signing up for a system. Select country United States to get help with pre-enrollment questions.

After you have gained access

For post-enrollment support, after you have verified your access, visit the support tab and follow the instructions.