The new IBM Power System IC922 inference server

The IBM Power System IC922 inference server is engineered to put AI models to work and unlock business insights. It uses optimized hardware and software to deliver the necessary components for AI inference that will help your clients move from data to insight.

The IBM Power Systems difference

Built for the highly demanding, data-intensive computing that clients need, cloud-ready IBM Power Systems servers can unleash insight from data pipelines requiring efficient management of mission-critical data, operational data stores and data lakes. And these servers offer a platform with reliability and security that is well suited for cognitive computing.

IBM Power Systems portfolio

Scale-out servers

Powerful, flexible servers built to handle diverse workloads and mission-critical applications in AIX, IBM i and Linux environments

Enterprise servers

Enterprise-scale servers designed with OpenStack-based cloud management and open source automation for accelerating cloud transformation

Accelerated servers

A new breed of server built with innovative accelerator technology and offering unprecedented performance for modern analytics, HPC and AI workloads

Hyperconverged servers

Systems that modernize data centers with best-in-class hyperconverged infrastructure for data-intensive workloads

IBM Power Systems solutions

Multicloud solutions

IBM Power Systems technology delivers exceptional performance, simplifies operations and provides leadership reliability for hybrid multicloud workloads.

AI Infrastructure

Easily deploy common frameworks in hours to optimize them and their libraries for peak performance, and customize PowerAI for CPUs, GPUs, interconnect and other modern architectures.

SAS Viya on IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage empower SAS environments with an agile, full stack solution of server, storage, and services that accelerates insights, controls costs, and maximizes resilience.

Infrastructure for SAP HANA

SAP HANA, a single in-memory platform, leverages data so that businesses can take fast action and accelerate innovation. This solution increases the speed of processing transactions and real-time analytics.

IBM and Red Hat, delivering the next-generation hybrid multicloud platform

IBM and Red Hat together will unlock the true value of hybrid cloud for business.

IBM Power Systems software                         

Gain hybrid cloud, high availability and security management solutions in a software ecosystem that helps simplify hybrid cloud management, meet critical business needs and centrally manage security and compliance.

Master Automation Sequencer

Make your move with the Vendita Master Automation Sequencer (MAS) on Power Systems that automates Oracle software deployments, saves time and streamlines operations while helping reduce costs.

Embedded Solution Agreement

The Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) offers Technology Partners a vehicle to leverage cutting-edge IBM technology with open standards and combine it with their intellectual property (value add). 

Marketing and selling resources

Exclusive benefits

IBM Power Systems offers capabilities to differentiate solutions and services.

A new breed of servers

Compel clients to ditch their commodity servers for IBM Power Systems servers.

IBM Power Systems resources for developers

Linux on IBM Power Systems developer portal

Find packages, get access to cloud resources, discover the tools and technologies you need to build applications.

IBM Power Development Cloud

The Power Development Cloud empowers developers by offering complimentary remote access to IBM systems such as the latest IBM POWER9 processor–based servers running IBM AIX, IBM i and Linux operating systems.