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The IBM Beacon Awards recognizes IBM Business Partners delivering remarkable solutions to drive business value and transform the way clients and industries operate. Submit your nomination for the Outstanding Solution Driving Client Innovation and Transformation with IBM Power Systems award.

IBM Power Systems

Scale-out servers

IBM Power Systems scale-out servers are powerful, flexible servers built to deliver value to your clients for their diverse workloads and mission-critical applications in AIX, IBM i and Linux environments.

Enterprise servers

IBM Power Systems enterprise servers are designed with enterprise functionality that includes OpenStack-based cloud management and open source automation, enabling accelerated cloud transformation for your clients.

Accelerated servers

IBM Power Systems Accelerated Compute Server is a new server breed with innovative accelerator technology that can deliver unprecedented performance for your clients' modern analytics, HPC and AI workloads.

Hyperconverged servers

IBM Power Systems hyperconverged systems empower your clients to modernize their data center with best-in-class hyperconverged infrastructure designed for data-intensive and mission-critical workloads.

IBM Power Systems Software suite

Hybrid cloud, high availability and security management solutions in a software ecosystem designed for IBM Power Systems helps simplify hybrid cloud management, meet critical business needs and centrally manage security and compliance.

IBM Power Systems solutions

Running the enterprise with the right OS

Your clients need robust architecture on IBM Power Systems servers for critical business challenges. AIX, the future of UNIX, exploits decades of IBM technology innovation to help deliver performance, reliability and security. IBM i offers high scalability for exceptional business resilience, and Linux provides the flexibility to scale the business and optimize workloads.

Infrastructure for SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a single in-memory platform that helps your customers leverage their data so their business can take fast action and accelerate innovation. This specific solution from IBM and Brocade on IBM Power Systems servers further increases the speed of processing transactions and real-time analytics on top of a business continuity infrastructure.

IBM POWER9 performance versus Intel x86

IBM Power Systems POWER9-based scale-out servers offer leadership capabilities in non-accelerated compute spaces such as advanced analytics, cloud environments and in-memory databases. Akin to previous generations, it can deliver improved per-core performance compared to its predecessor. But the focus is not just on performance. POWER9 also provides cost-effective value to your clients.

Modern data platform

Modern data platform solutions—EDB Postgres, Hortonworks, Kinetica, MongoDB, Neo4j and Redis—optimized on IBM Power Systems servers can disrupt the status quo. And they integrate seamlessly into existing data center and cloud environments. These solutions also deliver superior performance and scale to your clients' data-intensive workflows.

High-performance computing

Your customers can get a holistic approach to high-performance computing (HPC) with IBM HPC solutions on IBM Power Systems servers, IBM Spectrum Computing, IBM Spectrum Storage and IBM software. This integrated platform optimizes HPC workloads such as computational chemistry, finance, genomics, high-performance data analytics, and oil and gas exploration.

 Blazing performance for cognitive solutions 


Your clients can use IBM PowerAI to easily deploy common frameworks in hours. They can optimize frameworks and libraries for peak performance and customize PowerAI for CPUs, GPUs, interconnect and other modern hardware architectures. Enterprise leadership support is also available for deploying deep learning.

Cloud solutions for IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems servers offer the right solutions for cloud infrastructure and management to support your clients' journey to hybrid cloud. They gain exceptional performance, enterprise-grade agility and reliability, and flexible consumption models that are built for the Cognitive Era.

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A new breed of servers

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