LinuxONE can help you and your clients turn sustainability ambition into action

The new LinuxONE  Emperor 4 features sustainable capabilities that can help clients take action towards responsible business behavior that can propel a greener IT and drive competitive differentiation with resiliency, scale and confidence.  

Delivering the cloud you want with the security you need

Accelerate your clients' journey to the cloud with LinuxONE

Transform your applications and data with LinuxONE

When your clients need to grow and innovate, they will look to you to select and deliver a trusted infrastructure that improves speed to market and brings their hybrid cloud to the next level.  LinuxONE delivers!

  • Optimal performance
  • Highest levels of security
  • Ultimate uptime
  • Flexibility and scale for the future

Explore LinuxONE

Introducing LinuxONE III Express!

LinuxONE Express is a new pre-built system focused on speedy delivery of mission critical compute capacity at a competitive price point.  

  • Available in three different sizes aligned to key workloads: Oracle, Cloud, DACS
  • Scalable with room to grow
  • Lower TCO and a new entry price to speed customer deployments

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Hear why IBM Business Partners choose LinuxONE

"we see the (LinuxONE Express) solution being ideally suited to provide a more sustainable and more cost effective platform than Oracle Exadata for Oracle DB workloads, with the added benefit that different DB workloads can be run on the same environment." 

- Rob Davis, Senior Business and Development Director, TES

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What if one system could do it all?

When your clients need to grow and innovate, they will look to you to select and deliver a trusted infrastructure that improves speed to market, fuels innovation and brings your hybrid cloud strategy to the next level. Your choice is LinuxONE.   

  • Bringing the highest security and data privacy
  • Delivering optimal performance, ultimate uptime
  • Designing with flexibility and scale for the future

Key opportunities and workloads

Digital Asset Custody Services

Digital assets can be many things: a ledger of financial assets, a digital library of fine art,  virtual securities and the agreements that bind them. All need a single source of truth and the upmost security.

System and Database consolidation

LinuxONE is engineered to run thousands of applications with millions of users simultaneously. LinuxONE is can run Oracle, Maria db, DB2 and Postgres at the same time, on one system: consolidating servers, reducing them in number for simplicity and with a potentially for significant savings in software license fees! 

Linux Data Serving for Hybrid Multi-cloud

With LinuxONE III you can safeguard your most valuable assets against breaches and cyber attacks while staying regulation-compliant and maintaining your customers' trust.

IBM LinuxONE - the cloud you want with the security and resiliency your clients need

Native Cloud

Consistently develop, deploy and orchestrate next-gen apps. Build new digital services, that are developed once and deployed across your cloud.

Encryption Everywhere

Protect 100% of data in your cloud and ensure privacy by policy wherever your data resides.

Cyber Resilience

Minimize impact of internal and external attacks by isolating workloads to ensure continuous service

Flexible Compute

Take advantage of a platform available to businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to the largest enterprise. Choose public, private or hybrid cloud.

Elevate your hybrid cloud with Red Hat & LinuxONE

Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform version 4.6 is now available for LinuxONE. Meet OpenShift® for IBM Z and LinuxONE and Learn how you can build once and deploy anywhere

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