Why IBM LinuxONE?

Yesterday’s solutions can't meet tomorrow’s challenges. IBM LinuxONE systems are designed for secure data serving and modern applications capable of massive transaction volumes and unprecedented scale. And they do not fail or crack—ever. Your clients no longer need to run hundreds or thousands of servers and incur added cost, complexity, latency and vulnerability. Introduce them to open LinuxONE.

Meet the LinuxONE Systems

IBM LinuxONE Emperor II

Do you have clients looking for the best Linux server? They need look no further. Share with them why they should consider the enterprise Linux system for its high security, performance, speed and lower TCO.

IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper II

Do your clients need a smaller footprint and investment? Show them how to get it with high data security on a cloud-ready platform that offers lower TCO compared to x86.

Business partners drive success

Whether securing a blockchain to meet stringent compliance requirements or support financial transactions as a means to end poverty, help your clients get more out of their LinuxONE environments to achieve ambitious goals. Watch these videos and see how innovation fosters ideas to help your customers fortify their IT infrastructure with LinuxONE for life-changing work.

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Promote cost and complexity reduction

Show your customers how open LinuxONE can dramatically reduce cost, latency and vulnerability.

Start compelling conversations

Highlight the benefits your customers can gain with open IBM LinuxONE systems.

See what is possible with LinuxONE

Blockchain demands a secure platform

Sure, it’s buzz-worthy. For it to be disruptive, it needs to be trusted. And to be trusted, it must be secure. IBM LinuxONE systems are designed with special capabilities to help deliver the highest level of protection for blockchain implementations that live or die on the level of trust that participants have in the deployment.

Savings with performance and security

Server sprawl and x86 distributed systems can cost your clients in more ways than one. Cash, complexity and capacity can all limit their ability to say “yes” to the business. Consolidating their servers to LinuxONE gives them the competitive edge they need, so they don’t have to make either-or choices for their data center.

Explore enterprise Linux solutions

From analytics to database as a service (DBaaS), see how your clients can harness the potential of open source with LinuxONE and tackle their toughest IT infrastructure challenges.

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IBM LinuxONE TCO calculator

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