Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Growth Initiative  Driving IBM Growth and Mindshare

The new IBM Cloud Service Provider Growth Initiative will help you to redefine your business strategies, drive profitability and relevance in the digital economy in 2019

We are thrilled to bring key CSP resources that will help drive profitability and relevance in the digital economy in 2019. Take a deep dive into the resources below to learn more about the new CSP Growth Initiative:

What's up with Cloud?

Cloud Service Providers Video Series           

These valuable short videos will provide your firm with helpful processes and best practices to improve your business model

Nomination form

IBM is sponsoring consulting sessions with industry experts from Channel Partners. These acceleration sessions are designed to give you direct access to professionals who can help you understand what strategies are working for other CSPs and what strategies aren’t working

2019 Cloud Services Providers                       IBM Best Practices Webinar

Watch the webinar replay to learn:

  • 5 specific strategies to help your 2019 business strategy
  • 8 industry best practices driving Cloud Service Provider (CSP) profitability and relevance in the digital economy in 2019

CSP Growth Initiative Playbook

The CSP Growth Initiative Playbook is designed to capture information, data and market insights you will need to accelerate your business. In the Playbook, we provide content and tools in addition to links to larger reserves of IBM and industry information.

IBM Cloud Infographic

How long has your company been selling or recommending Cloud Services?

Access Cloud survey results to learn what Business Partners who are members of the Innovation Hub have to say about Cloud services

Explore IBM Cloud solutions

  Integration and Management capabilities which span Public, Private and Hybrid environments

IBM Public Cloud

Build and deploy clients' workloads on the IBM Cloud—the cloud built for smarter business. Access our industry-leading infrastructure and platform technology along with other high value-add capabilities to delight clients and give them a competitive edge. Explore the IBM Cloud platform.

IBM Private Cloud

IBM Cloud Private helps your clients move to modern cloud architectures – to gain the improvements of digital transformation – developer productivity, speed, scaling and access – while they continue to use many of the existing IT methods and styles.  

Management & Platform

Explore complete and composable cloud solutions for application deployment and management. Offerings include IBM Cloud Private, Multicloud Manager, Cloud Paks, WebSphere, Cloud Application Management, IT Operations Analytics, Workload Automation, Control Desk, Application Performance Manager, Rational and UrbanCode.


Create personalized customer experiences by easily connecting applications and data across multiple clouds. The new Cloud Integration platform brings together IBM’s market-leading integration capabilities in a single, unified solution. Find out more and explore IBM offerings including MQ, Event Streams, DataPower Gateway, API Connect, App Connect and Aspera.