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My Digital Marketing platform

Use My Digital Marketing to generate leads with access to campaigns, web content syndication, email marketing and social automation. 

IBM Sterling marketing campaigns are available below.

Co-marketing funds

Get reimbursed for marketing expenses and find the available resources you need to drive demand and revenue. Two main types of co-marketing funds are available. One type is for partners based on past performance or newly onboarded partners and is controlled by the Geo. The other type is based on competencies earned.

Share customer stories

We capture both traditional ROI stories and vision stories that follow the customer journey. The latter starts with a license purchase and is updated as capabilities expand. Each time the story is revised, it receives a social push and promotes the client’s market leadership. Capturing a customer story can lead to webinars, involvement in regional user groups and other speaking opportunities.

My Digital Marketing campaigns

Sterling B2B Collaboration

Sterling Managed File Transfer campaign

Sterling B2Bi campaign

Sterling Certified Containers for B2B Collaboration campaign

Sterling Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) campaign

Asset Collection - Modernizing B2B Connectivity campaign

Sterling Supply Chain

Sterling Order Management for B2B campaign

Sterling Order Management and Fulfillment campaign

Sterling Inventory Visibility campaign