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What's new in IBM Sterling

Learn how AI can break you free from visibility challenges

Discover how the new IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower uses AI and machine learning to more effectively manage inventory  and build supply chain resilience.

Learn about the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Sterling File Gateway v6.1

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and IBM Sterling File Gateway v6.1 are now available. The releases feature many enhancements, including new and updated containers, an improved user experience for IBM Sterling File Gateway, built-in PGP encryption, new Rest APIs simplifying on-boarding and partner management plus much more.

Discover how IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer v2.0 modernizes data exchange environments

The new IBM Sterling  Secure File Transfer v2.0 offers visibility, management and advanced security capabilities to govern and protect enterprises.

Academies for business operations and supply chain

Sterling offerings

Sterling Supply Chain

Help clients achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility, real-time insights and recommended actions to turn disruptions into opportunities for customer engagement, growth and profit.

Sterling B2B Collaboration

Be the catalyst for digital transformation. Help improve data flow across B2B relationships by automating manual processes and ensuring critical transactions and data exchange are reliable, secure and scalable.