AI-based supply chains: Using intelligent automation to build resiliency

Introducing IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite, an AI-based supply chain optimization and automation solution that helps improve supply chain resiliency, increase agility, and optimize operations.

IBM and Adobe Strengthen Collaboration for Supply Chains

Announcing a new IBM Sterling Order Management and Adobe Commerce Integration.


IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising

Sophisticated inventory promising to create next-generation omnichannel experiences.


Academies for business operations and supply chain



Companies are coming together to transform the way their industries work with the help of IBM Blockchain. From a food supply that’s becoming safer, smarter and more profitable to supply chains freeing themselves from legacy processes and paperwork, IBM is leading the business world into a new era of collaboration and innovation.

Sterling Supply Chain

Help clients achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility, real-time insights and recommended actions to turn disruptions into opportunities for customer engagement, growth and profit.

Sterling B2B Collaboration

Be the catalyst for digital transformation. Help improve data flow across B2B relationships by automating manual processes and ensuring critical transactions and data exchange are reliable, secure and scalable.


How inventory visibility will impact the customer experience

Learn how customer expectations have changed and better understand how real-time inventory insights can help drive customer loyalty.

IBM Sterling Order Management

Deliver optimal customer experiences with a complete omnichannel order fulfillment platform

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network

Trusted network connectivity - built to scale with embedded AI and backed by IBM Blockchain.