Why Hybrid Cloud Services?

Advancements such as cloud, social, mobile and analytics are placing greater demands on your customer’s IT infrastructure. But hardware-centric, inefficient infrastructures struggle to support market shifts. Cloud Services from IBM helps your customers integrate traditional systems and new architectures-like cloud-into a dynamic, open-standards-based enterprise IT environments.

We help create a software-defined environment that uses patterns of expertise to automatically anticipate and deploy infrastructure resources based on workload needs. We offer a flexible approach that can address your customer’s needs at any point in their service optimization journey.

Hybrid Cloud Services Offerings

IBM Cloud Brokerage Cost and Asset Management

Give your clients real-time visibility and actionable insight into their cloud investments.

Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI)

Your customers gain business efficiency with an integrated and managed hybrid infrastructure.

Managed Services on IBM Z

Your clients can run mission-critical workloads in a cloud environment with access to the latest mainframe technology.

Edge Delivery Services

Specialized cloud service improves your customer’s business web applications on virtually any device, anywhere increasing protection from web attacks.

Storage Services

Provide your customers with an efficient information infrastructure.