Use these resources to prepare for and engage with
clients on key IBM Services

Business Resiliency Framework 7-Layer Model

The 7-Layer Framework outlines a structured discussion focusing on resiliency and business outcomes, enabling you to understand your client's business and resiliency challenges, including how to apply cloud-enabled and innovative orchestration services.

How to orchestrate a hybrid disaster recovery solution

IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration can help transform disaster recovery by simplifying management and reduce risk, cost, and disaster recovery testing time.

Protect critical data with the right Backup strategy

In an era of increasing cyber threats, IBM Backup as a Service proactively protects clients' critical data using cloud-based backup technology.

Integrated  Support Services

Integrated Support Services provides a single point of contact solution for practically all hardware and software infrastructure challenges. Functioning as a single source for multivendor support, IBM can offer a lifecycle solution that helps optimize system availability and reduce IT complexity.

Technology Support Services for Open Source Software including Linux

Technology Support Services helps clients build comprehensive support solutions for their Open Source ecosystem. Offerings run across the software stack, including all major distributions of Linux, virtualization, and community versions of more than 100 OSS packages. Our solutions not only provide support, but can include the same subscriptions clients rely on for Red Hat and SUSE technologies.

IT Management with Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI) Services

Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services (IMI) can simplify hybrid infrastructure management through advanced automation and analytics.

Client Value Plays University - education about IBM Services solutions centered on helping clients with their journey to cloud