Enhance IT Resiliency and Business Continuity

Enhance IT Resiliency and Business Continuity

COVID-19 - and the social response to it - have underscored the business continuity mandate. Find solutions to protect enterprise and customer data, minimize disruption to business operations, and reduce pandemic-related downtime.

Cyber Recovery as a Service

Simplify rapid recovery from cyber attacks by using IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Resiliency Orchestration.

Archiving on IBM Cloud

Anytime and continuous access to backup data even if physical access to data center has been impacted. Quickly set up a secure, long-term cost-effective archival in IBM Cloud.

Whats New?

Business Resiliency new marketing assets:

IDC Business Value Study

This business value study was conducted by IDC by interviewing customers using IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration and/or IBM Resiliency Disaster Recovery as a Service. Read the study to learn about the business benefits and impact realized by the customers.

Infographic - IDC Business Value Study

A Quick Glance into The Business Value Study of IBM’s DRaaS and Resilience Orchestration Services

New Business Value Assessment Tool for Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Orchestration

Estimate the potential Business Valuethat you can realize with IBM's DRaaS and/or Cloud Resiliency Orchestration solutions with this NewAssessment tool designed in collaboration with IDC.

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Discover the full value of your business and technology potential with an IBM expert consultation at no cost.

Services we offer

Technology Support Services

Simplify management and streamline maintenance of IBM and multi-vendor environments.

Business Resiliency Services

Maintain business continuity and recover critical business applications no matter the circumstances.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Build and manage highly efficient infrastructure to respond to change and drive innovation.

Digital Workplace Services

Plan your approach, manage devices and end-user application, and related network infrastructure.

Network Services

Design, implement and manage integrated communications and networking environments.

Security Services

Partner with IBM for security services that protect your enterprise while reducing cost and complexity.


IBM Services Incentives

Incentives reward you for selling IBM Services, either alone or as part of a solution

Offerings Overview

One-page summaries for the majority of IBM Services offerings enabled for Business Partners

Channel Support and Offering Materials

Tools and resources to help sell IBM Services