Analytics as a Service: a growing opportunity for partners

As data continues to proliferate, your clients are looking for solutions that will allow them to draw insights from their data to improve decision-making.

IBM Planning Analytics

Automate your clients' slow, manual, disconnected spreadsheet processes for more timely, reliable plans, analyses and forecasts, and help them adapt quickly to changing business conditions.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Help your clients get hard-to-find answers, tell compelling data stories and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Drive more cloud-based subscription revenue.

Take advantage of the unique support we offer to IBM partners.

Option 1: Resell IBM Analytics SaaS offerings to your clients.

If you're considering reselling SaaS analytics offerings to your customers, sign up for IBM's partner program to:

  • Learn about SaaS partner incentives and SaaS resell authorization
  • Apply to resell

Option 2: Integrate IBM Analytics into a client solution you're building.

If rather than reselling, you're more interested in integrating analytics capability as part of a solution you're building, this offer is for you:

  • $12K of free IBM Cloud credits ($1K/mo for up to 12 months) for new IBM Cloud partners to help you start building.

Ease your client's cash flow concerns with IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing can help clients with payment plans when the Software as a Service (SaaS) contract specifies prepaid annual or multi-year upfront payments.

This allows the client to pay month to month or with a custom payment schedule and helps you close deals.