The IBM Industry Solution Integrator / Reseller program enables IBM Remarketers to expand their reach by becoming IBM Industry Solution Integrators (IBM ISIs). These firms extend their IBM systems expertise to provide solution design, logistics, fulfillment and contract support for Industry Solution Resellers (ISRs). In turn, this enables ISRs to provide more complete solutions, such as pre-integrated appliances, to their clients without the logistical complications of hardware resale. Through this new capability, IBM Remarketers may be approved to market IBM Power Systems and associated IBM Storage products, as part of an integrated industry solution, to qualifying ISR firms for resale to end users or a reseller channel.

The Industry Solution Reseller (ISR) business model will best suit firms that are highly focused on sales of their own solution and do not invest in the technical resources needed to build expertise in hardware products and solution integration capabilities. Many ISRs are independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to broaden their market reach and account control without substantially changing their business model.

Apply for an Industry Solution Reseller/OEM relationship

An IBM Remarketer must complete the application on behalf of an ISR/OEM firm.

How the ISR relationship works

1 - The IBM Remarketer applies for the IBM Attachment for Marketing to Resellers of Industry Solutions.

2 - IBM approves the IBM Attachment application and the IBM Remarketer receives the IBM Attachment. The approved IBM Remarketer then may act as an IBM Industry Solution Integrator (ISI).

3 - The IBM ISI establishes a relationship with an ISR candidate. The ISR candidate or the IBM ISI submits an ISR application to IBM. If an ISR submits the application, the IBM ISI must approve the application before it will be forwarded to IBM.

4 - IBM approves the ISR application.

5 - The IBM ISI negotiates a contract with their ISR and includes selected IBM terms and conditions contained in the IBM Attachments in that contract. The ISR has no contractual relationship with IBM.

6 - The IBM ISI integrates IBM products for their ISR and remarkets the solution including IBM products to their ISR.

7 - The ISR sells their industry solutions to end users or to their channel resellers for remarketing to end users.

IBM Remarketer Actions Required

IBM Remarketers (Resellers, Solution Providers and System Integrators) who wish to establish a reseller relationship with an Industry Solution Reseller candidate firm and act as an IBM Industry Solution Integrator, must receive approval for the IBM Attachment for Marketing to Resellers of Industry Solutions. This IBM Attachment will enable the IBM Remarketer with the terms and conditions to market IBM products to an Industry Solution Reseller. Firms applying for the IBM Attachment for Marketing to Resellers of Industry Solutions must be a current IBM Solution Provider, or Systems Integrator. IBM Remarketers must be approved for this attachment before establishing a relationship with an Industry Solution Reseller.

  1. An Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) defined in your HQ location must fill out the application.
  2. Click on "Relationship management" from the left menu, then click on "Apply and Manage relationships"
  3. Complete the application by following the screens presented, which will prompt for company information and the relationship for which you are applying. For assistance please refer to the step by step user guide or contact PartnerWorld contact services.

The link below may be also used by IBM Remarketers to request exporting of eligible IBM products.